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NADFAS UK logo Nerja Decorative and Fine Arts Society (Nerja DFAS) was established in October 2002 as an independent member society of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) in the UK, after beginning in December 1993 as the Eastern section of the Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Arts Society which was founded in Mijas in November 1988.

NADFAS had over 300 societies throughout the UK, and there are now 13 Societies within Mainland Europe and 24 in Australia. Together they represent a worldwide membership of over 92,000.

Nerja DFAS was a thriving society of around 130 members.


NADFAS UK decided that the term decorative and fine arts no longer described accurately its wide range of arts-related interests and activities.

Accordingly, in May 2017 it changed its name to

The Arts Society
and during that year the member societies followed suit.


We are now The Arts Society Nerja

We are still a thriving society of around 140 members with its primary aim being to further the enjoyment, knowledge and awareness of the Arts internationally, and to stimulate interest in the artistic heritage of Spain.