13th December
18:00 (CET)

Picasso: Origins of his Art
Speaker: Alejandra Carazo
Date: 13th December at 18:00 (Spanish time)

My lecture will delve into the origins of Picasso's imaginery.

Themes and images that continue to appear in his work from his beginnings till his last pieces, mostly linked to his Mediterranean roots.

More than 80 years of work reflecting life and death, family, religion, the minotaur and the bull, greek mythology, and his cannibalization of the great masters of art.

From his very first known bullfight oil painting at the age of 8 to his very last musketeers at 91 years.

His great variety of techniques and his constant research into new ways of artistic expressions.

His life among artists friends and many  other that enriched his personal and artistic life.


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Georges Seurat 1859-1891
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