Sat 22nd Jan 

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Video guide on how to install the Zoom app - Windows

These videos were made using Windows 10 Home.
step 1. Check the app source settings. This is a video - click on the arrow to start.

Note - any of the anywhere settings are suitable.

step 2. install the app. This demo was made using Google Chrome browser - other browsers display downloads differently.
Step 2a) Click on this link. The app downloads. This is what you get:

Step 2b) Click on show all (bottom-right corner). A downloads tab may open.

Step 2c) Double-click on ZoomInstaller.exe
You may get a warning about the App store. (The Zoom app is not in the MS app store).Click on the Install anyway button.

Step 2d) You will see the Zoom Installer popup box. Initialze will change to installing. Just wait.

Step 2e) The installer box will disappear and the following box will appear. Close this box and you have finished - the app is installed.