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This is a new venture. The aim is to help our members - both to help them get help and to connect them to others with similar interests and skills.

Many of our members have arts-related skills. Some of them already share their skills and techniques with other members and/or to the general public.

Our first thought was to help these people reach a wider audience.

However, we can also see that some people who are not active at present, might well be willing to share what they know with other members. P{erhaps holding workshops on a particular topic.
These services may be free or may be charged.

If you are a member and offer an arts-related service, we invite you to send us information that you would like to be included on this page.

Note. we can offer an email-forwarding service for those unwilling to have their contact details available to all and sundry across the world.

The areas that we are thinking about include (but arfe not confined to):
  • drawing/painting tuition
  • sculpture
  • pottery and ceramics - techniques, equipment such as wheels, furnaces etc
  • collage
  • greetings cards
  • embroidery and related skills
  • Photographic techniques (wet chemistry or digital)
  • Performing arts (where not already covered elsewhere)
  • Creative writing (if not already covered elsewhere)
  • Perhaps computer skillls? (Not really 'arts' of course)
Perhaps we could have a 'help wanted' section?

Pleae note that the format and content of this page has yet to be decided.

some rules
  • Inclusion in this list will be free of charge
  • we reserve the right to decline inclusion
  • Advertising on this page is restricted to TASN members

Disclaimer: inclusion of a service on this page does NOT mean it is endorsed or recommendeded in any way by The Arts Society Nerja.