Thu 13th May 

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Flamenco - heartbeat of the south

We are offering a professionally-recorded full-HD video for interested parties to stream from our YouTube channel. Click here for more information

Arts Quiz - May 25th 6pm (Spanish time)

The quiz will be delivered using Zoom and will follow the format of a conventional quiz - as closely as is possible in these Covid times.

This is the plan:
  • The quiz will be delivered as a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 25th May, starting at 18:00 CET and will last about an hour.
  • It is open to all Friends and Members and is free of charge. The link will be sent on Monday May 25th to those people on our mailing list; the link will not be available via the website.
  • People are invited to form themselves into teams. There is no limit (imposed by us) on the number of people in a team – teams of 1 are acceptable. However, we do expect people to abide by their local rules and restrictions about meetings. We see no reason why team members who are geographically-separated can't communicate using their phones - either 1-to-1 or using group calls (eg on Skype). It's not an ideal arrangement, but we have spent most of the last year adapting to less-than-ideal conditions.
  • We will collect team names at the start so that we can compile a score table.
  • The questions will be displayed as a set of slides in a Powerpoint presentation. The majority of the questions are pictures and are silent; interspersed among these are a few audio/video questions.
  • The answers will be simple, usually the name of a person or a location. Each team writes down the answer to each question.
  • After 10 questions the answers will be given; the teams will mark their own papers.
  • The marking of the answers is the end of a round. The host will then show the results table (an Excel spreadsheet) and each team will be asked to tell us their score. The host will enter the results into the results table which will be visible to all.
  • After a short time to allow for the results to be assimilated, the next round will start.
  • So on until the 5th round has been scored and the winning team identified.
  • Sorry, but there will be no prize for the winners!.

Next season's speakers

click/tap on a photo for more information

Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Our plans for next season

We hope to be able to resume our normal practice of delivering the lectures in the Cultural Centre in Nerja.

This, of course, depends on many factors that are outside our control, and we won't know until much nearer the time what we will be able to do.

Although using Zoom is not perfect, it has allowed many people to participate in our lectures who would not otherwise have done so. Quite a few short-term winter visitors to Nerja, who normally attend lectures in person when they are in Nerja, have become members because they have been able to 'attend' all of the lectures from home.

We intend to continue with Zoom for at least the next season. In the ideal world we will be able to have the presentation in the Cultural Centre and, from there, stream it live using Zoom.

For the moment, we will just have to be patient.

Online Quiz: The pictures in this quiz were sold for over $20million at auction this century - but who created them?
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Born on 13th May
Georges Braque (1882-1963)
Sold for $16 million in 2013