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Building a Better World through Art

Our Successful Youth Art Project in collaboration with the Jorge Rando Museum Málaga, The Arts Society Costa del Sol, The Arts Society UK, CEAR, Las Cuevas de Nerja and our sponsor Verano Azul.

‘A Better World’ was the title of our Young Arts Project hosted by the Jorge Rando Museum in Málaga for a group of 16 young people from the refugee centre CEAR (Spanish Commission of Assistance to Refugees).

The project included 3 months of painting workshops, a visit to the Nerja caves thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Cueva de Nerja and Viajes Verano Azul and culminated in mid May with an exhibition of the participants’ works on the theme of ‘A Better World’ in the museum and a mural painting in the courtyard of CEAR.

CEAR has been defending the right to asylum and human rights since 1979, promoting the integral development of refugees fleeing armed conflicts or violations of human rights, asylum-seekers, stateless persons and migrants in need of international protection and / or at risk of social exclusion. Today more than 51 million people have had to flee from their homes for these reasons.

The painting workshops, given by the professional artist Jerónimo López, sought to encourage team work, self-esteem, a feeling of equality, positivity and creative expression and integration through Art. The young refugees shared space with other, regular artists at the museum stimulating social interaction and cultural exchange with the aim to support a base of values and human rights critical to the integration of young people whose lives have been uprooted due to conflict, misery and violence.

The paintings express these young people's emotions and their dreams of a better, colourful and uplifting world. A beautiful mural reflecting this concept, was created by the participants and Málaga Urban artist Andrés Serna and can be seen in the courtyard of the CEAR centre.

10 paintings were selected from the impressive works to feature on greeting cards. All proceeds from the sale of the cards are for CEAR. We will sell these cards before the lecture. They make beautiful Christmas cards. Please come and see them all.

This stunning mural in the courtyard of CEAR in calle Ollerias was created by all members of the project led by the muralist Andrés Serna, whose theme alludes to the creation of a better world.