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Figure Turning
Francis Bacon, 1962
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Date: 18th February

The Cruise Market film: Lady in Gold - a 'double bill'

Anne-Marie O'Connor

This is a story of art and justice, about an artist, Gustav Klimt, who was born in poverty and became a celebrated modernist; and his progressive intellectual Jewish female patrons, who also supported Freud and other cutting edge intellectuals of Vienna’s fin-de-siecle golden age. These remarkable women were persecuted when Hitler came to Vienna, and their Klimt paintings were stolen. For years there was no justice, until an elderly Vienna emigre in Los Angeles, Maria Altmann, stepped forward to demand the return of her family’s stolen Klimt paintings. This will be a slideshow with images of art and sepia photos from the era.

We will first have an introduction to the subject by Anne-Marie O'Conner.
Then there will be a showing of the 2015 film starring Helen Mirren.


Please note: the starting time is 5pm - an hour earlier than usual.


Cultural Centre, calle Granada, Nerja at 5.00 pm
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